We are Rojomorgan. We are playing to build solutions for needs based on the digital plane and every day we do better. We are dedicated to online-marketing ecosystems and to providing technology services to the industry, for which we create User Experience (UX), Information Architecture (IA), Web Design (UCD) and analytics. We implement web platforms and e-commerce systems, all Drupal-based. We repair, maintain, design and implement Drupal. Directly, through other agencies, with and without confidentiality. All Drupal. We also implement customized technology solutions with high added value for the industry in different technologies.

What About Us?

Rojomorgan is a highly specialized agency in process improvement and technology consulting for companies. Strongly linked to the culture and philosophy of Free Software, it offers solutions for the development needs of other companies and entities.

From the web consulting area, Rojomorgan conducts audience studies, designs information architecture, interacts and finally implements websites and e-commerce platforms based on Drupal technology, which as CMS and as a framework offers the versatility to meet the needs of our clients. Objectives, metrics, analytics, design and online marketing. These are our keys.

From the software development area, Rojomorgan is responsible for analyzing the internal processes of other companies for knowledge management and offers customized solutions for the internal management of talent and productivity.

As we are?

  • Agile Methodologies: Rojomorgan works in environments of maximum value contribution to the client, so it relies strongly on agile frameworks and methodologies: Scrum, Kanban and Lean. Release fast, release often.
  • Development oriented to team, not to project: For all the projects of our teams we have all the competences of all the members.
  • Team + ecosystem: Not only is the team multidisciplinary, but it is in contact with a cloud of adjoining experts who bring their expertise equally and who are interested in making the entire ecosystem work.
  • Self-managed development team: The manager only performs as a stakeholder and SPOC (Single Point of Contact) functions with the client.
  • Agile budget: Aspects as the customer's departure are clear from the very beginning, as well as the dynamic and flexible delivery of features.

What do we know?

Our basic proposal is to improve the software ecosystems that today's companies need for their daily performance; Whether they are outdoor (online marketing) or indoor (processes, metrics and internal communication).
For all of this we carry out consulting processes where we analyze, understand, design, propose and implement: either from our web consultancy department or from process consulting, we work creating and providing solutions for improvements to our clients from our technological bases and our Know-How distributed by highly experienced multidisciplinary teams.

We are experts in Drupal and we work in several lines:

  1. We give Backend / Frontend support to older versions of Drupal (6 and 7)
  2. We develop custom functionalities for Drupal-based platforms
  3. We conceptualize, design and implement Drupal-based websites

If you want to know us a little better, here is the link to our profile in Drupal.org and our portfolio hosted in Slideshare. If you prefer to continue reading here, we will give you a brief summary of some work that can be linked below.

These are some of our latest projects: